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Our story

Elevating Spaces with Elegance

At VanGo Home Decor, a beautifully Home Décor Outlet  is a reflection of your unique style and personality. With a rich legacy spanning more than three decades, our journey began with a vision to transform spaces into captivating canvases of comfort and aesthetics. Established by the seasoned professional Daniel Paul Shelton, who boasts an impressive 34-year tenure in the blinds industry and an astounding 44-year career as a distinguished Real Estate Broker, VanGo Home Decor represents the pinnacle of experience, expertise, and unbridled passion. Home Décor Outlet 

Why Choose Us?

A Global Presence

VanGo Home Decor is proud to serve a diverse clientele globally. Our presence allows us to intimately understand and cater to the unique design preferences and trends that vary from continent to continent. Whether you’re seeking the sleek modernism of North American design, the timeless elegance of European aesthetics, or the perfect blend of styles in Canada, VanGo Home Decor Outlet is your partner in turning spaces into true masterpieces. 
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Our story

Experience That Matters

VanGo Home Decor embodies a journey shaped by 34 years of blinds sales expertise and 44 years of dedicated Real Estate Brokerage. Our brand is the beautiful fusion of hands-on experience and unwavering passion, resulting in a seamless destination where innovation and refined insight converge. Our understanding of materials, trends, and design intricacies allows us to curate a selection that enhances your living spaces and adds tangible value to your property. Thus transforming a house into best home furnishings.

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Our Commitment

At VanGo Home Decor, our commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics. We are dedicated to fostering an experience that transcends transactional interactions. With an ardent focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we embark on every project enthusiastically, treating each space as a canvas ready to be adorned. Our curated collection of blinds, fabrics, and decor elements is a testament to our meticulous selection process, ensuring that every piece resonates with our clients’ discerning tastes.
Our Vision

Meet Our Founder

Guided by the unwavering commitment of our founder, Daniel Paul Shelton, VanGo Home Decor aspires to bring beauty and sophistication to every best home furnishings. Drawing from his unparalleled expertise in both the blinds industry and real estate, Daniel envisioned a brand that marries the principles of functionality and allure. His legacy serves as our guiding light, propelling us to continuously innovate and curate home decor solutions that stand the test of time.
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